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Articles : Aspects of Gender in Korean English Textbooks: Sexist and Gender-Progressive Texts
Articles : Causality in the Essays of Korean EFL College Writers
Articles : Church Reformers` (John Gower and William Langland) Ideas of Warfare and Peace in Fourteenth-Century England [Part of John Gower]
Articles : Conversation with Cacophony: A Bakhtinian-Jamesonian Encounter with the Fiction of Buchi Emecheta
Articles : The Genealogy of the Poetics of the "Grid" in the Twentieth-Century Poetry: Yeats, Plath, Merrill, Olson, Dewdney, Nichol, and Carson
Articles : Metropolitan Realism and the Rise of the Novel: A Simmelian Approach
Articles : Politics of the Literary: Reading Form in Gary Pak`s A Ricepaper Airplane
Articles : Race, Trauma, and Narrative in Morrison`s The Bluest Eye
Articles : A Reading of The Waste Land as Psychological Text: Malfunction of Femininity
Articles : The Relationship between Interlocutor Type and Learner Proficiency Level in L2 Feedback Sequences
Articles : The Synchronic Status of English Progressives
Articles : Three Types of Vowel Epenthesis in Korean Accented-English: Correspondence Theory and Epenthetic Quality
Articles : The Tragedy of Pudd`nhead Wilson: "by the fiction created by herself…"
Articles : The World without Fathers: Reconstructing Faulknerian Masculinities in Toni Morrison`s Beloved