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A Story of Rights: From Word and Conceptualisation to Law and Cultural Narrative
Narrating Clerical Sexual Abuse
Visual Poetry and the Poetics of Data Visualization
World Literature in an Extended Media Landscape
Poetics of Writing: The Spiritual Other in William Butler Yeats’s A Vision
From God as Gift to the Giving Subject: William Blake and God-Talk
A Mikang and An Orange: Ezra Pound, Yone Noguchi, and Poetics of Translation
Philip Larkin and Postmodern Visuality
American Language Poetry: Its Strategy of Referential Opaqueness and Openness of Life
미국 언어시-비지시성의 책략과 삶의 개방성
Toward the Social Practice of Literary Criticism: Projecting Text by Means of the Theory of Ideology
문학비평의 사회적 실천을 향하여-이데올로기 이론으로 텍스트를 비추어 봄
Virginia Woolf’s Kitchen Table and Her Artistic Imagination in To The Lighthouse
울프의 식탁과 예술적 상상력