The Journal of English Language & Literature

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The Journal of English Language & Literature
The Journal of English Language & Literature
  • • Journal Abbreviation : JELL
  • • Publication Date : Vol. 1 No. 1 (1955) -
  • • Frequency : Quarterly
  • • Publisher : ELLAK
  • • Languages : English & Korean
  • • pISSN : 1016-2283
  • • eISSN : 2465-8545
Current Issue
Representation of an African Disaster in Gil Courtemanche’s A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali
Stereotypes, Acting, and Alienation: Philip Kan Gotanda’s Yankee Dawg You Die
Revisiting the Genre Problem of Mary Barton: How to Read “Mary Barton” as Paratextual Name
“I long now to sleep”: Kitsch Morality and the Indifference of Victory
Old Cherished Memories or New Commercial Products?: Mary Shelley’s Retrospective Writings on the Hunt Circle
The Notion of Absurdity in Albert Camus and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a Precursor of the Theater of the Absurd 알베르 카뮈의 부조리 개념과 부조리극의 선구자로서의 윌리엄 셰익스피어의 『햄릿』
A Game Studies Approach to Interactivity and Immersion in The Under Presents: Tempest VR 이머시브 시어터의 몰입적 경험에 대한 게임학적 접근: <더 언더 프레즌츠: 템페스트>의 다원적 상호작용과 단계적 몰입감
Racism in Doris Lessing’s “Victoria and the Staveneys” 도리스 레싱의 「빅토리아와 스테이브니 가족」에 재현된 인종 담론
Variations of Impersonality and Aura in Elizabeth Bishop’s Animal Poems 엘리자베스 비숍의 동물 시에 나타난 몰개성과 아우라의 변주
Animals as “More Other Others”: Animal Ethics in J.M. Coetzee’s “The Old Woman and the Cats” “더 타자적인 타자”로서의 동물들: J.M. 쿳시의 「노년의 여성과 고양이들」에 나타난 동물윤리