For Authors

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Peer Review Policy
  • Double-blind Peer Review System
    1) The journal employs standard double-blind peer review processes in which an author and the reviewers remain unknown to each other.
  • Screening
    2) Manuscripts submitted may be reviewed at any time during the year and will be sent to a screening committee of three reviewers commissioned by the editorial board.
  • Evaluation and Decision-making
    3) Evaluations by the screening committee will be issued as either “publishable,” “publishable after revision,” “reevaluation after revision,” or “not publishable.” Referees are expected to make comments, so that authors can revise their research accordingly, where necessary.
  • 4) The Editorial Board reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the publication of papers in the journal.
  • 5) Should evaluations require “reevaluation after revision,” resubmitted papers will be evaluated as if submitted for the first time.
  • 6) The journal aims to notify authors of evaluations within 30 days of submission. Papers resubmitted to the journal usually take longer.