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Queer Feminist Excess in the Acoustics of Gertrude Stein’s Literary Portraits
Telescopic Eyes: the Seashore, (Im)mobility, and Connectedness in Sylvia’s Lovers
What Poetry Can Do for the World: The Case of John Keats’s The Fall of Hyperion and Lamia
An Afflicted Black Mother and the Paradox of the Sonnet in Gwendolyn Brooks’ “the children of the poor”
The Ecopoetics of Jorie Graham: Lyric Engagement with the Material World
Autobiographical Temporality and the (Un)Making of Blackness in The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
Autism, Posthumanism, Becoming Nonhuman: Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures
A Relational Bildungsroman: A Refugee Girl’s Narrative of Subject Development in A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea
Louise Glück’s Poetics of Becoming, Survival as Abject: Rethinking Ethics of Ecopoetry 루이즈 글릭과 ‘되기’의 시학, 비체로 살아남기 ― 생태시의 윤리를 다시 생각하며
The Ethics of Sympathy and the Aesthetics of Spatial Composition in Middlemarch by George Eliot 공감의 윤리와 공간 구성의 미학 ―조지 엘리엇의 『미들마치』를 중심으로