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The Value of Final - E in Middle English
중세영어에 (中世英語) 있어서의 Final - E 의 가치 (價値)
Semantic Development of Old English Words Used by Chaucer
Structural Approach to English Linguistics
영국학파의 (英國學派) 영어구조관 (英語構造觀)
John Donne's Love Poems
John Donne 의 연애시 (戀愛詩)
An Essays on Joyce As a Symbolist
Joyce 의 상징주의 (象徵主義) 소고 (小考) - Dubliners를 中心으로 -
John Bale and The Mystery Play Tradition
John Bale 과 Mystery Play 의 전통 (傳統)
John B . Carroll ( ed . ) : " Language , Thought , and Reality " Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf
Archibald A . Hill : Introduction to Linguistic Structures From Sound to Sentence in English