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The Changing Linguistic Scene in Britain
The Concept of Literary Image
Linguistic Innovation in Feminist Utopian Fiction
Varieties of Language in Modern English Drama
Linguistics and Literary Criticism : Some Problems and Confusions
The Paradox of Mrs . Ramsay's Defeats in To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf and the Search for Expressive Form
Joyce and Bakhtin : Ulysses and the Typology of Literary Discourse
James Joyce's Ulysses : linguistic forms and literary interpretation
The Management of Social Relations in Modern English Drama
British Plays Reflected in Korean Theatre
Yeats and Death
Orwell and ' Language Engineering '
On Compensatory Lengthening
Language and the Twentieth Century Poet : a note on syntax and sensibility
Narrative Procedure and Structure in a Short Story by D . H . Lawrence.
On Graham Greene
Henry Green's Party Going and the 1930s
The Leadership Novels of D . H . Lawrence : A New Approach
Indeterminacy in Modern Narrative : Kipling's " Mrs Bathurst "
Philip Larkin : Two Poems
Philip Larkin's Language and Style with Reference to " Lines on a Young Lady's Photograph Album " ( From The Less Deceived )
Linguistic Innovations in Feminist Utopian Novels '
Ulysses and Typology of Fictional Discourse ' , ' Ulysses : Linguistic Forms and Literary Interpretation '
Some Poems of Larkin from the Literary Point of View ' , ' Some Larkin Poems from the Linguistic Point of View '