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A Study of Guyon's Adventure in The Cave of Mammon in Book Ⅱ of Spenser's Faerie Queene
The Relationship between Class and Language in Aurora Leigh
Scientific Motifs in Brown's Wieland and Edgar Huntly
The Recovery of Historical Memory and the Reconstruction of the Self in Toni Morrison's Beloved
CASSANDRA'S NOTEBOOKS : Joan Didion , the Vietnam War , and Contemporary American Culture
The American Literature Education of Nonnative Readers : A Cultural Perspective
" Enter the King with his poore Souldiers " : the King and the Poeple in the Quarto and Folio Texts of Henry Ⅴ
Shakespeare's Pericles and Emblem Tradition
The Homecoming of a Traveller : A Sense of Place in Brian Friel's Faith Healer
Expletives , Agreement , and Expletive Replacement
The Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy and its Psychological Validity
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