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The Green Girdle and the Narrative Circularity in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The Politics of Body Images : Jacques Lacan and William Wordsworth's " The Old Cumberland Beggar "
A Woman Poet's Journey into Life : On Jeni Couzyn's Poems
George Eliot's Middlemarch as " The Novel of Vocation "
The Metaphoric Energy of Silences in The Portrait of a Lady
From Form to Force Ⅰ : A Paradoxical Textuality in Finnegans Wake
Plot and Epiphany in the Short Story
The Traffic in Desdemona : Race and Sexual Transgression in Othello
The Emperor Jones : Cinematic Imagination and Modern Spatiality
Seduction of Masquerading Signs : Aphra Behn's Authorship and The Rover
Lacan , Subjectivity , and the Text
The Purloined Freud : Freud's Post - Women
Syntax and Semantics of Too : a Functional Approach
The Extended Visibility Condition
Conversational Implicatures in Genesis 3 : 1 - 24
Pragmatics and Speech Acts of Threatening and Warning in English Coversational Discourse : A Stepping - Stone to TESOL
" 새로운 영문학 " 또는 " 영어로 쓴 문학 " 의 타자문학적 가능성