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Daniel Deronda : A Goethean Bildungsroman Signifying George Eliot's Political Maturity
Henry James's Experiment of Novel and E . W . Said's Literary Theory
Lost Virginity " Patched Up " : Story of a Bawdy House
An American Dilemma and Invisible Man
Oscar Wilde : The Importance of Being Insincere
Some Notes on Derrida's Differance : A Trace of Scientificity in Western Metaphysics
Waiting for Justice : Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Elizabethan Ethics of Revenge
A Kind of Alaska : Conflict Between Dionysus and Socrates
Advectives and the Complementary Distribution Test
Presuppositional and Anaphoric Accommodations
A Correspondence Account of Phonological Phenomena in English
An Optimality - Theoretic Analysis of Old English Stress