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Bertram , Essex , and the King ( Queen ) : All's Well That Ends Well and The Essex Rebellion
Beyond Paranoia and Fragmentation : the Crisis of the Individual and the Search for a Posthumanist Alternative in Thomas Pynchon's V .
Class and Self Identity in Clay Walls
Conceptualizing the Other in Hostile Early Modern Geographies : Situating Ecocriticism and Difference
The Confidence Game of Language and the Disfiguration of Enlightenment
Exorcism of Class Anxiety in Frederick Marryat
Female Sexuality and Identity : Feud , Klein and Chodorow
Narratorial Strategies in British Fiction of the 1990s
Othello " the Noble Moor " and a Postocolonial Re-reading of Shakespearean Ambivalence
Phraseology and Language Learning
The Progression of Imagery for Meditation in The Wanderer
The Psychological Effects of Migration and Narrative Strategies in The Bluest Eye , Song of Solomon , and Jazz
Renaissance Drama and the Problem of Power : Historicizing The Shoemakers' Holiday and Eastward Ho
Rigidity in English Scope Phenomena
Same Enermy , Different Results : Alexander Pope's Two Skirmishes with the Dunces
Thomas Hardy's Love Poems : Lyrics of the Mother - Anima Conflict
An Interview with John Fowles