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Articles / Agreement in English Existential Constructions
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English as an International Language : Directions in the 21st Century
Articles / Erotic Sites in " Calamus " and the Procreation of Whitmanian Poetics
The Female Body on the Margin of Colonialism : Diario , The Discovery of Guiana , and The Tempest
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Getting Involved : American Drama on the Eve of World War 2
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Harry Morgan's Dismemberment and Hemingway's Crutiue of Violence : To Have and Have Not
Articles / Marxist Criticism , A Working Class , and Alienation in Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles
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A Reconsideration of Graham Greene : Is He a Pessimist ?
The Repossesion of the Word : Charles Bernstein's Poetics and Politics
Saul Bellow's Herzog : A Polemical Discourse on a European Intellectual and American Mass Culture
Articles / Sympathetic Imagination versus Narcissistic Vision in Conrad's Lord Jim
" this wooden O " : Shakespeare's Stage in the 1590s , 1790s and 1990s
What Makes Us Read Jane Austen ? : The Narrative Development in Austen's Works