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" The Absent Mother " as the Secret to Mary Shelley`s Creative Energy for Frankenstein
African Americans and Colonialism : James Baldwin`s Essays in the Era of the Civil Rights Movement
Blake as an Antinomian Saint
Dickens and the " Noble Savage " in Edwin Drood
" The Estate of Hostility " : Hobbesian Philosophy in Rochester`s " A Satyr Against Reason and Mankind "
Expanding the Parameters of Literary Studies : Toni Morrison`s Paradise
The Figural and Affective Journey of Will in Piers Plowman : A Pattern of Conversion
Henry James and the Devouring Publicity of Life : the Figure of the Journalist in The Bostonians
The Interaction between Vowel Lengthening and Flapping in American English
" Marking the Land " : China Men as a Mythic Counterhistory
Myth , History , and Utopia in Edward Bond`s The Woman
Pinter`s Cinematic Transliteration : The Deterritorialized Space of The French Lieutenants Woman
The Pronunciation of < c > in Old English : Palatalization and Umlaut
Samuel Richardson`s Sir Charles Grandison as the " Middle - Class Aristocrat " : Redefining the Eighteenth - Century English Hero and Nation
Shakespeare Subtitled , Culture Untitled ; Translation of Shakespeare Films in Korea
Simulations of America in Mark Twain`s Extract from Captain Stormfield`s Visit to Heaven
Using Luce Irigaray , Reading D. H. Lawrence`s The Plumed Serpent