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The Bell Also Tolls for Pablo: Hysteria and the Spanish Civil War
Breaking The Silence of Abuse and Poverty: Mother / Daughter Conflict and Abandonment in Dorothy Allison`s Bastard Out of Carolina
Criminality and Empire in Great Expectations
An Ecological Reading of Leslie Marmon Silko`s Almanac of the Dead
The Experimental Spirit in Canadian Poetry: Margaret Atwood, Eli Mandel, George Bowering, and the Experimental Poets Thereafter
From Sex to High Finance: A Historical Reading of Roxana
George Eliot`s Maggie Tulliver: Paradoxical Growth Bound to the Past or Mythical Leap Unbound by the Past
Hollywood Conspiracy about Shakespeare
Howells`s Realism Reconsidered: Representing the Unrepresentable in A Hazard of New Fortunes
In Memoriam and Tennyson`s Rage for Order and Coherence
Pound`s "Modern Eleusis" and Nietzsche`s Dionysianism
Revising the Sign of "America": The Postcolonial Humanism of America Is in the Heart
"Suppressed Passions": Lord Byron`s The Two Foscari
The Theatrical Representation of Politics in The Tempest
Vision, Illusion, and Misinterpretation in Conrad`s Under Western Eyes