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Ethics in Milton's Paradise Lost
Ben Jonson The Playwright
Inversion in the Declarative Sentence
영국소설의 탄생과 사회적배경
『 영어학이전 』 - 언어에 관한 몇가지의 고찰
Ivy Compton - Burnett 란 작가
Faulkner 의 Light in August 에 대하여
질서와 조화 - Four Quartets 를 통해서 본 Eliot 의 세계 -
Willa Cather : 그 주제와 작풍
The Cycle of American Literature , 1955 By Robert E . Spiller
Shakespeare Survey 10 ed . by Allardyce Nicoll Cambridge University Press , 1957
Makers and Finders : A History of the Writer in America 1800 - 1915
The Shakespeare First Folio Its Bibliographical and Textual History , 1955 By W . W . Greg
Things Anterior to English Philology - Some Linguistic Observations -
On Ivy Compton - Burnett
On Faulkner's Light in August
Order and Harmony Some Analytical Observalions upon the Theme of Four Quartets
Willa Cather The Theme and Art in her Prairie Novels