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Articles : The Americanized Lord of the Flies
Articles : Confessional Poems in America and William Carlos Williams in the `40s
Articles : Deep Ecology Projected in Mark Twain`s Later Science Fantasy
Articles : Examples and the Exemplar: Imitation and Performance in Benjamin Franklin`s Construction of the American Self
Articles : Lady Delacour`s Polluted Breast: Purity and Danger in Maria Edgeworth`s Belinda
Articles : Marlow`s Fellows: Conrad`s Tales in Blackwood`s Edinburgh Magazine
Articles : Pinter`s Cinematic Politics: The Trial
Articles : Representing Female Bodies on Modern American Stage
Articles : Retelling the Fairy Tale of the Western Princess: The Problematic Narrativization of Asian Military Prostitution
Articles : Reverse-Dispositions between Master and Slave in Harriet Jacobs`s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Articles : Satire as "that Art of necessary Defence": A Study of Samuel Johnson`s Ideas of Madness
Articles : Sylvia Plath`s Occultism: "A Piranha Religion"
Articles : T. S. Eliot and Jacques Derrida
Articles : Unbound and Uneven: Ontology, Poetics, and Ethical Question in Robert Duncan
Articles : The Very Heart of Darkness: Is the Conflict between the Imperial Ideal and the Colonial Reality Resolved in Under Western Eyes?
Book Review : Noelle Brada-Williams and Karen Chow, Crossing Oceans: Reconfiguring American Literary Studies in the Pacific Rim (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2004, 200 pp.)