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Conrad`s Early Novels for the Conception of the Polish Nation: The Darkness of Colonial Poland in Isolation
Discrediting One`s Own Best Practice: Oscar Wilde as a Critic and Critical Theorist
Edgar Allan Poe and the Search for an "American" Audience and an "American" Literary Tradition
In between Reality and the Real: Zizek`s Political Ambiguity
Jane Eyre, Spectator of Fantasy
Lounging and Dying on the Edge of the Financial Market: Beyond the Cycle of Financial Speculation in Dickens` Our Mutual Friend
Metathesis and Frequency Patterns of the Clusters in Old English
Perception and Production of Consonant Clusters by Korean Learners of English
Requesting by Korean EFL University Learners with Respect to Power
Samuel Beckett`s The Unnamable: The Logic of Gift and the Ethics of Narration
"The Singer Has to Be a Fighter": Reappraising Roy Campbell
Theatricality and the Early Modem Art of Government in Sir Thomas More`s Richard 3 and Utopia
A Unified Account of Characterizing and Normative Generics