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Articles : 소설의 (小說) 실체성 (實體性)
Articles : A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
그 무의식의 표현에 관하여
Articles : 휴머니즘과 낭만주의 (浪漫主義) : 낭만주의자의 (浪漫主義者) 정치 (政治) , 사회사상을 (社會思想) 중심으로
Articles : A Study of The Man of Law's Fragment of The Canterbury Tales
Articles : The Image Pattern in the Gerald - Gudrun Relationship in Women in Love
Articles : The Formation of Maugham's Character
Articles : Problems in Old English Prosody
Articles : 전제 (前提)
Articles : 최근 (最近) 의미론의 (意味論) 동향 (動向)
Articles : A Note on Perceptual Load in Korean