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Articles : The Art of Advertising and Ulysses: Advertising of the Brand "Ireland" in the Image of the "Mountain Flower" Goddess and Her "Unconquered Hero"
Articles : Black Feminist Thought: Joyce, Rhodes, and Douglass` Women
Articles : Category Matching between English and Korean Consonants in Different Prosodic Environments
Articles : Emersonian Pragmatism in Light of Taoism: The Revision toward Ecology
Articles : Gordimer`s Revolutionary Gesture: Reading A Sport of Nature as Lukacs`s Historical Novel
Articles : "I`ve got to start clean": Japanese American Internment, U.S. National Contradictions, and Suburban Fantasies in No-No Boy (1957)
Articles : Jane Austen`s Position on the Slave Trade
Articles : Narrative Strategies and the Issue of Traditional Culture in Ngugi`s Early Novels
Articles : On the Ending of Hardy`s The Well-Beloved
Articles : Racial Difference and Imperial Anxiety in Shakespeare`s Titus Andronicus
Articles : The Two Landscapes of Desecrated Sexuality: 1984 and Brave New World
Articles : Two Quentins: Dialogue between Self and Other in Absalom, Absalom!
Articles : "A Woman is a Foreign Land" : Empire and Domestic Ideology in The Angel in the House