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Beckett`s Becoming-Body without Organs and Irish
De Quincey`s Transgression: The "Dark Sublime" in Confessions of an English Opium Eater
D. H. Lawrence and German Culture: Frieda, Fascist Charge, and Cultural Identity
The Effects of Contextualized vs. Decontextualized Exposure to Vocabulary on Korean Adult EFL Learners` Vocabulary Acquisition
Emily Dickinson`s Love Poems and the Question of the Other: A Levinasian Reading
Fear to Self-Awareness or Fun to Self-Destruction in Lord of the Flies: William Golding`s Heart of Darkness
The Literary Representations of Korean War Memories as "Grief-Work": Ha Jin`s War Trash and Susan Choi`s The Foreign Student
New Directions in Teaching English Literature to Non-Natives of English in Asia
Playing the Un-naming Act against the Desire for Totalization in The Tempest
Proficiency-Differentiated and Discipline-Specific Student Needs for English-Medium Content-based Courses
A Prolegomenon to Transcultural Poetics and Poetries
Schawa Insertion In English
Unmasking the Real Traitor: the Problem of Bringing War Criminals to Self-Recognition in Kazuo Ishiguro`s "Japanese" Novels
The of Private Writing in Written English Narratives