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Articles : 리얼리즘과 그 쇠퇴 : 한 패러다임을 위한 시론
Articles : Maugham 의 심리적 기교 (技巧) : Lord Mountbrago 를 중심으로
Articles : The Philosophical and the Aesthetic functions in Coleridge's Idea of Imagination
Articles : Artistic Effects of the Satire on the American Journalism in Martin Chuzzlewit
Articles : The Turn of Screw 소고 : Archetypal Imagery 의 시론적 모색
Articles : Theme of Isolation : A Case Study of Winesburg , Ohio
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Articles : Strindberg 를 통한 O'Neill 극의 Imagery
Articles : 부조리 (不條理) 연극과 Edward Albee
Articles : The Worcester Marks and Glosses of the Old English Manuscripts : A New Interpretation and Addehda
Articles : Phrasal Conjunction
Articles : 비재귀대명사화 (非再歸代名訶化) 재고 (再考)