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Discoveries, Voiceovers, and Greek Poetry: the Colonization of Lands, Languages, and Literatures in James Joyce`s Ulysses and Anne Carson`s Autobiography of Red
English Predicate Inversion: Towards Data-driven Learning
The Epistolary Novel and Samuel Richardson`s Heroines: Female Writers and Readers of Letters
Faulkner`s Narrative Strategies and the Nature of History in Absalom, Absalom!
George Du Maurier`s Trilby: Female Sexuality as an Erotic Organizer
"Here, This Speck and This Speck That You Missed": A Poetics of the Archive in Myung Mi Kim`s Commons
Interpretations of Negative Degree Sentences and Questions
Korean EFL Learners` Sensitivity to Stylistic Differences in Their Letter Writing
Liquid Vocalization in the Dialectal Varieties of English
Mule Bone Kills De Turkey: Hurston and Hughes`s Artistic Contention on Black Folk Comedy
Multiple Meanings of Silence in Charlotte Bronte`s Villette
Putting Images into Second Language: Do They Survive In The Written Drafts?
Queering Narrative, Desire, and Body: Reading of Jeanette Winterson`s Written on the Body as a Queer Text
The Topology of Extimacy in Language Poetry: Torus, Borromean Rings, and Klein Bottle
A Traumatic Face of Colonial Hawai`i: The 1998 Asian American Event and Lois-Ann Yamanaka`s Blu`s Hanging
Who Would Care for Post-Imperial Broken Society?: Harold Pinter`s The Caretaker
Wordsworth`s Re-Formation of Individuality: "Spots of Time," the Fragment and the Autobiography