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Aesthetic Consciousness and Literary Logic in the Jamesian Transatlantic Perspective: Towards a Dialectic of "a big Anglo Saxon total"
Du Boisian Critique of American Exceptionalism and Its Limitations: From The Souls of Black Folk (1903) to Dusk of Dawn (1940)
High-flying Notes from a Korean-American Poet: Notes from the Divided Country by Suji Kwock Kim
One-sided Readings of Numbers in Modal Sentences
Speaking Subjects and Surplus Objects: Womanly Words in Dickens and Gaskell
"To every Life an after-Life. To every demon a fairy tale": The Life and Times of an Irish Policeman in the British Empire in Sebastian Barry`s The Steward of Christendom
Traumatic Repetition and Writing as Awakening in Iris Murdoch`s The Black Prince
The 1930s in Film and Novel: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day