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The Effects of Task Complexity for Text Summarization by Korean Adult EFL Learners
Electromagnetic Field and the Poetry of Ezra Pound
English No Matter Construction: A Construction-based Perspective
Feedback on Peer Feedback in EFL Composing: Four Stories
Henry James`s The Turn of the Screw: The Subject and the Ontological Status of the Real Gaze
Information Structure and the Use of the English Existential Construction in Korean Learner English
I-Umlaut in Old English: A Weak Trigger Effect
Non-aspectual Uses of the English Progressive
The Poetics of Overcoming: Christopher Dewdney`s Transhumanism and Dionisio D. Martinez`s Transnational Cultural Contamination
Preservice Teachers` Responses to Postmodern Picture Books and Deconstructive Reading
Putting Michael McKeon to the "Question": Is Clarissa Harlowe a Prude or Saint?
Science, Commerce, and Imperial Expansion in British Travel Literature: Hugh Clifford`s and Joseph Conrad`s Malay Fiction
Translation, Creation, and Empowerment in Chaucer`s Clerk`s Tale
Wide Sargasso Sea: An Elegy of Class Conflict in Jamaica