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Byron`s Reworking of Thomas Campbell: Unfolding Gloom in Darkness
D. H. Lawrence`s Vision of the Novel and Sons and Lovers
History Remembered: Religion, Violence, and "the War Against Slavery"
Lettre, Love, and Magic in Marie de France`s Les Deus Amanz
Political Dis-identification of Colonial Performativity: From the Sublime to the Queer of M. Butterfly
"Self-Begotten" Satan and Broken Images in The Waste Land: T. S. Eliot`s The Waste Land and Milton`s Paradise Lost
Subkind Readings of Noun Phrases with a Numeral
Tudor Interlude at Court: Reconstructing the Scenes behind the Scenes of Henry Medwall`s Fulgens and Lucres
Variations in English Loanword Adaptation in Korean Phonology: Attributable to the Borrowing Language`s Internal Grammar or Speech Perception?