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Ashbery`s Aesthetics of Difficulty: Information Theory and Hypertext
Contested Space of San Francisco Chinatown in Sui Sin Far`s Mrs. Spring Fragrance and Other Writings
The Crisis of British Imperialism in Southeast Asia: The (Mis)Representation of the Indigenous in Clifford and Conrad
Feeling Florence Nightingale: Theorizing Affect in Transatlantic Periodical Poetry
How EFL Students Take a Position in Peer Feedback Activities: An Activity Theory Perspective
Paradoxical Rebellion Bound to Conformity: Isaac Watts`s "Hurry of the Spirits, in a Fever and Nervous Disorders"
The Poetics of Exile1 in Cristina Garcia`s Dreaming in Cuban
Postmodern Animality and Spectrality: Ted Hughes`s Wodwo and Crow
Public Identity, Paratext, and the Aesthetics of Intransparency: Charlotte Smith`s Beachy Head
Twain`s Contestation of Emersonian Transcendental Manhood in Huckleberry Finn
White Teeth and the Making of the Multiethnic Subject