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“Operationalizing”: or, the Function of Measurement in Modern Literary Theory
Distant Reading, Digital Humanities and the Changing Field of Early Irish Fiction: Micro versus Macro, More or Less?
A New World of Things: Rethinking Natural History in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Fingerprint or Photograph? The Fiction of Biographical Facts
Towards An Ethic and Theory of Literature without Alterity
Teaching De-Anglo-Americanized English for International Communication
“How strong imagination works!”: Dumb shows, Ghosts and the Early Modern Inquiry into Spectatorship
“Darkening the darkness”: Alchemy as Radical Negativity in Donne`s “A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy`s Day, being the shortest day”
“Fossilizing What is a Continuous Flux”:The Appropriation of Science in The French Lieutenant`s Woman
Nathaniel Mackey`s Serial Poetics
James Crosswhite, Deep Rhetoric: Philosophy, Reason, Violence, Justice, Wisdom. U of Chicago, 2013. 407p. ISBN 9780226016481. $105.00.