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The Politics of Global English
Wilde the “Pervert”: Oscar and Transnational (Roman Catholic) Religion
New Orientations of Cultural Studies in 21st Century China
Looking through Others` Eyes: A Double Perspective in Literary and Film Studies
“The Critical Entangled in the Creative”: Modernist Credos and Female Egoism in Susan Glaspell`s The Verge
Invisible Empire in Flannery O’Connor’s “The Displaced Person”: Southern Dynamics of Race, Miscegenation and Anti-Catholicism
A Postnationalist Critique of Irish Nation-State Ideology in Patrick Kavanagh`s The Great Hunger
패트릭 캐바나의『대기근』에 나타난 포스트민족주의 -아일랜드 민족국가 이데올로기 비판
A Post-de Manian Look at Romantic Self-Consciousness and the Wordsworthian Case: History, the Subject, (Lyric) Poetry
드 만 이후 낭만적 자의식 다시 보기와 워즈워스의 경우-역사, 주체, (서정)시
Exposing the Falsehood of War and Violence: Power of the Abject in Lynn Nottage`s Ruined
비체를 통해 드러난 전쟁과 폭력의 허구린 노티지의『망가진 여인들』에 나타난 비체의 힘
Distant Reading and Critical Semantics Roland Greene, Five Words: Critical Semantics in the Age of Shakespeare and Cervantes. Chicago and London: U of Chicago P 2013. 210p. Cloth $35
Sea Change in Literary Theory and Criticism in Asia Zhenzhao Nie, An Introduction to Ethical Literary Criticism. Beijing: Peking UP, 2014. 308 p. Cloth ¥ 68