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Yeats Without Ireland
Mundus et Infans: the After-time of the Child in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney
“Misted and Married Together”?: Diasporic Consciousness and Textual Form in Nineteenth-Century Irish Emigrant Letters from Australia
Stasis and Change: Gower`s Gloss on Ovid`s Lycaon
Things, Words, Words-Worth
A. S. Byatt`s “Morpho Eugenia”: Altruism and Evolutionary Biology
Elizabeth Bishop`s Love Poems: The Concealment and Revelation of Her Sexual Identity
엘리자베스 비숍의 연가-성적 정체성 감추기와 드러내기
Langston Hughes`s Poetics of Diaspora and Fluid Self
랭스턴 휴즈의 디아스포라 시학과 유동적 자아
Frantz Fanon`s “Algeria Unveiled” and Women`s Place in the Masculine Drama of National Liberation
누구를 위한 혁명인가?: 파농의「베일 벗은 알제리」와 여성해방의 복화술
A Genealogy of Edward Said`s Concept of Culture and Its Problems
에드워드 사이드 문화론의 계보와 문제점