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Cosmopolitanism in Time
The Global Circulation of Victorian Actants and Ideas in the Niche of Nature, Culture, and Technology: Liberalism and Liberalization
Anguish and Animals in Cosmopolitan Zones
Becoming Cosmopolitan through Traveling? Some Anthropological Reflections
The Faux Cosmopolitanism of Korea`s Early Visitors: Albums That Picture the Home Audience
Gothic Translatio Studii: Menippea in Walpole`s The Castle of Otranto
Parenthesized Lives: (Deronda), (Clarissa), (Ballard)
The Significance of Insignificance: Contemporary Allusion Through Imagined Meetings
The Theatre of Difference in The Buddha of Suburbia: Focused on Gilles Deleuze`s concepts of Difference, Repetiton and Dramatization
Local Literature in a World Literature Perspective