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Beyond the Global Village
Xenotextuality? Conceptualism, Materiality, and the Sublime
Cross-cultural Narrative Interventions by Ha Jin, Junot Diaz, and Uwem Akpan
A Kindly Apocalypse: Philip Rieff and the Endgame of the Therapeutic
Dorothy and William Wordsworth`s Joint-Labor in Grasmere, 1799-1802
Paul Durcan`s Critique of the Sexual Politics of Postcolonial Ireland: Toward a New Irish Womanhood and Manhood
(Re)Narrating the History through Ambiguous Gender Discourse: A Study of Salman Rushdie`s Shalimar the Clown
A Cosmopolitan Utopia on Poetic Form: A Reading of Gwendolyn Brooks`s “The Anniad”