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The Conceptualist Turn:Wittgenstein and the New Writing
Spatiality`s Mirrors: Reflections on Literary Cartography
The Ethics of Ekphrasis in the 21st Century American Fiction
A Journey into the Night in Pursuit of Light: Abjection and Catharsis in Richard Hugo`s “Museum of Cruel Days”
At the Crossroads of Literature and Philosophy: Hardy`s Reception of Kant
The Differance of City and Country in British Romantic Poetry: Blake, Wordsworth, Masochism
영국 낭만시에서 도시와 시골 차이의 해체적 구성 -블레이크, 워즈워스, 피학성애
Life, Literature, and Writing: Textuality of Life in Donald Margulies` Collected Stories
삶, 문학, 글쓰기-도널드 마귤리즈의 『이야기모음집』에나타난 인생의 텍스트성
Politics, Dissensus, Subjectivation: Lowry`s The Giver and Ranciere`s Different Partition of the Sensible
정치, 디센서스, 주체화-로우리의 『기억 전달자』와랑시에르의 "다름"의 미학을 위한 감각적 나눔
Adrienne Rich as a Lesbian Feminist Critic: Saving "a Common Woman" Emily Dickinson from the Myth of "Token Woman"
레즈비언 여성주의 비평가 아드리안 리치-"특별한여성"의 신화에서 "보통 여자" 에밀리 디킨슨 구해내기