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Sacred Woods, Spoiled City: Bourgeois Appropriation of Noble Capital in Chestre`s Launfal
‘I have met with you, bird, too late, or if not, too worm and early’: The Eternal Circling of Yeats and Joyce
Towards an Ethical Subject: Mourning and Memory in John Banville`s The Sea
Migratory Spaces of “Home,” History and Modernity in Zora Neale Hurston`s Their Eyes Were Watching God
Invisible Power and a Flight for Self-Establishment: Focused on Naked Lunch & One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest
Cosmic Blindness, Comic Blindness: The Lunar Imagination and Women`s Place in Aphra Behn`s Emperor of the Moon
Magical Realism in Paul Yoon`s Once the Shore
2015 JELL Forum on Space and Literature: A Roundtable “Why Space beyond Time Means Something in the Literary Studies?”
“The Excusive Cormac McCarthy: Recent Critical Approaches”