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Shakespeare : Venus and Adonis 연구 - 희극성과 (喜劇性) 예술적 (藝術的) 기교을 (技巧) 중심으로 -
William Blake 의 시세계 (詩世界)
D . G . Rossetti's House of Life Reconsidered
Joe Christmas as an Existential Hero
Joyce's Aesthetic Formalism
Light in August 의 세 주요인물의 상징 고찰
Edgar Allan Poe 의 문학관
Shakespeare's Us : " Race - Prejudice " 에 대하여
The Death of Willy Loman as a Moral End
A Comment on Current Issues in Distinctive Feature Analysis
The Dramatic Unity of " Huckleberry Finn by George C . Carrington , Jr . ,
Theories of American Literature by Donald M . Kartiganer and Malcolm A Griffith
Introduction to Linguistics by Ronald Wardhaugh