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Metaphors of Desire: Neoliberalism and Libidinal Economy
Buffalo Unsteeled: Connie Porter, Leslie Feinberg, and the Persistence of Proletarian Fiction
“O Ghostly Treasure, O Ransomer and Redeemer!”: Economic Expressions in Everyman
Economics of Otherness in Pearl: Fluidity and Identity
Writing Shanghai and the Return to China in Tash Aw`s Five Star Billionaire
The Nation at War with Itself: Rohinton Mistry`s A Fine Balance
The Discipline of the Kwansaba
Samuel Beckett`s Endgame: A Postmodern Allegory on the Relationship between Man and Nature
Interrogating the Classic Hollywood: On Thematic and Stylistic Revisionism of The Godfather
Domestic Violence: Dynamics of Masculinity and Femininity in Frank Norris` McTeague