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Mechanical Pound
In the File Drawer Labeled `Science Fiction`: Genre after the Age of the Novel
A Phenomenology of Haunting: Transgressive Identities, Proxy Memories, and Authorship in Alvin Lu`s The Hell Screens
Widening Perspectives on Theodosia`s Legacy: The Divergent Reponses of Three Eighteenth-Century Dissenting Woman Writers to Anne Steele`s Exemplary Authorial Identity
Pride and Pastiche: Humor and Intertextual Parody in Bridget Jones`s Diary
The Storytelling Quilt: Ethnic Narratives in Zakes Mda`s Cion
Shakespeare and Young Readers: Encounters Mediated by Tales, Animation and Manhwa
Romance with the Veiled East: Ayesha in She and the “Eastern Bride” in Lord Jim
A Return of People: the Evental Intensity of the Black Presence in America
민중의 회귀―미국흑인에 현존하는 사건적 강도
Neurodiversity and Tourette Syndrome: Tourette Narrative in Motherless Brooklyn
신경다양성과 투렛 증후군―『엄마 없는 브루클린』의 투렛 서사
`Transgression` and `Surpassing the limit`: Sharon Olds`s Deconstructing the Taboo through Poetry Writing
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