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Finnegans Wake and the Postpostmodern Framework: Characters and Cycles
“[T]o think my book of travels a mere fiction out of mine own brain”: Swift`s Skeptical Utopianism in Gulliver`s Travels
Stories of Industrial Pain as Told by the Factory “Hand”: Gaskell`s Bessy Higgins as the Critic of the Factory System
The Multicolored Eye: David Dorr`s Vision in A Colored Man Round the World
The Limits of Romancing Food in the Neoliberal Era: Ruth L. Ozeki`s My Year of Meats
Transforming the Past Trauma into Graphic Art in David Small`s Stitches
Realism Regained: The Function of Hobson at the Present Time
GB Tran`s Vietnamerica as a Reworking of Discursive Temporalities
Twelfth Night: Political Emotions, Sexual Energy, and Women
2016 JELL Forum: A Roundtable “The Interface of Literature and Economy”
“Postmodern Sublime of Double Reading: Vladimir Nabokov avec Sigmund Freud” Teckyoung Kwon, Nabokov`s Mimicry of Freud: Art as Science. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2017. 200p. Hardback $90.00 · (£60.00)