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Robert McLiam Wilson’s Eureka Street: (Post)Modernity and the Social Ethics of Infinity
Hardy’s Laodiceanism: Dare’s Role in A Laodicean
From Jane Eyre to Eliza Doolittle: Women as Teachers
Revisiting Transnational American Studies: Race and the Whale in Melville’s Moby-Dick
Provincializing Orientalism in A Tale of Two Cities
Literature as a Strange Body: Modernity, Literariness and Dislocation
Reconsidering Robinson Crusoe as Homo Economicus
“호모 이코노미쿠스”로서의 로빈슨 크루소 재고
Aspects of the Tragedy of a Modern Individual in Death of a Salesman: Focused on Bourdieu’s Capital Classification and Adorno’s Reification
『세일즈맨의 죽음』에 나타난 근대적 개인의 비극의 양상 ―부르디외의 자본 구분과 아도르노의 물화 개념을 중심으로