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Nâmık Kemal and His Utopian Dream About Freedom
Forgetting Ahab: Moby-Dick After America
The Spoils of Neo-Babylon: Widening the Lens of Empire and Re-Centering Modernity in Cleanness
Representing the Unspeakable and Unimaginable Horror of the Holocaust in Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird
Nostalgia and Post-Boom Postfeminist Reappropriation of Domesticity in Laura Wade’s Home, I’m Darling
가정(성)의 포스트-붐 포스트페미니스트적 재전유: 로라 웨이드의 『홈, 아임 달링』에 나타난 노스탤지어를 중심으로
Loop-Rupture: Narrative Structure in J. G. Ballard’s Super-Cannes
루프의 균열: J. G. 발라드 『슈퍼-칸』의 서사 연구
Duality as Narrative Stance in Gaskell’s Emancipatory Feminist Novels