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Epistemological Expansion through Christian Allegory in Apocalyptic Science Fiction: Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children
Becoming Traitors: Survival Stories of Trans-spatial Beings in Native Speaker
Colonial Settlement and Environmental Apocalypse in J. M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians
Who’s in Asian America? A Critical Examination of the Diasporic Subjectivity of Asian American Writers
Degeneration and Gender in Victorian Disability
Cannibalism and Race Politics in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle
Diana Wynne Jones’ The Time of the Ghost: A Call for Childism
“Citizened by Friendship”: Feeling Intimate beyond the Nation-State in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost
Virtual Bodies: Kris Verdonck’s Virtual-Machine and Samuel Beckett’s Memory-Machine
가상의 몸들: 크리스 베르동크의 가상기계와 사무엘 베켓의 기억기계
Between Mourning and Depression: Possible and Impossible Mourning Patterns in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson
애도와 우울 사이에서: 어거스트 윌슨의 『피아노 레슨』에 나타난 가능한 애도와 불가능한 애도 양상
Doris Lessing’s Politics of Writing in “The Small Personal Voice”
「내면의 개인적 목소리」에 나타난 도리스 레싱의 글쓰기 정치학
Aeon in Moment: Temporality in William Golding’s Pincher Martin
윌리엄 골딩의 『핀처마틴』에 나타나는 시간성 연구
Essay upon Epitaphs and British Burial Reform: Sanitation and Cultivating the Masses
『묘지명 소고』와 영국묘지개혁: 위생과 대중 교화