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Walden’s Cosmic Vision and the Paradoxes of American Transnationalism
Literary Criticism in the Postdigital Age: Spatial Narratives and Digital Storytelling
Deconstructing the Discourse on Elderly Women: Elizabeth Moon’s Remnant Population
“I prefer not to dine to-day”: Self-starvation under Biopolitical Regulation in “Bartleby, the Scrivener”
Dialectics of Posthumanism and Retrohumanism in Ian McEwan’s Machines Like Me
“What on Earth Did They Think They Were Doing?”: Plantation Mistress’s Precarious Identity in Valerie Martin’s Property
Home and Real Estate in Howards End: Marx, Mauss and Ruqaiya Hasan
The Store as a Contested Space in Asian American Writing: Jade Snow’s Storefront in Fifth Chinese Daughter
“The Broken Break”: Run Me to Earth and the Legacies of the American Cold War