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The Journal of English Language and Literature , Vol.59, No.5, 863 ~ 888, 2013
The Evolution of Peter Pan as a Carnivalesque Pantomime(I) -Panto Tradition and the Manuscript of Peter Pan
전준택 Joon taek Jun
Though J. M. Barrie`s Peter Pan has been considered a conventional regular drama, some scholars have recently argued it is an example of traditional British pantomime, or a variation thereof. However its genre classification is becoming more complicated, as these arguments have used different source materials in support of their theses; some refer to Barrie`s 1904 manuscript, some the 1905 London premiere, while others cite the printed edition of 1928. The aims of this project are twofold: to establish that these three texts are very different from each other and to compare each text with the major characteristics of traditional British pantomime. By doing so this project suggests that Peter Pan, in its development from the manuscript to the printed edition, evolved into a unique, carnivalesque work of pantomime. To analyze this evolution, it is necessary to firstly understand what British pantomime is, as this can shed light on how Barrie altered or modified its conventional structure and deviated from its traditions. This paper, as the first part of the project, thus compares a traditional pantomime with Barrie`s manuscript. This will show that, from the very beginning of the writing, Barrie had pantomime in mind as a template, as the structure of the work, its subtitle and the transvestite characters all demonstrate. Thus Peter becomes a release of pure animal spirits, an expression of the essence of carnival and of the Saturnalia, turning the world upside-down.
Key Words
제임스 매튜 배리, 피터 팬, 카니발, 판도마임, 초고, James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan, carnival, Pantomime,manuscript,영미문학, 문화연구, 비교문학, 비평이론, English and American Literature, cultural studies, comparative literature, critical theory
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