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The Journal of English Language and Literature , Vol.59, No.5, 889 ~ 914, 2013
Exploration of English Translation and Adaptions of Korean Folktales Published in the US(2000-2010)
윤은자 Yun Eun Ja
This study has binary goals. First, of the U.S. publications of Korean folktales for the past decade (2000-2010), what tales are most frequently published? Are there any discrepancies between the folktales found in an elementary Korean textbook and folktales published in the U.S.? Secondly, are there any patterns in US publishing? What do the patterns and changes imply? The findings indicate that 54 books, separate books or compilations, have been published in the US for the past decade (2000-2010). Of them, the six most frequently published Korean folk tales are "The Heavenly Maiden and A Woodcutter" (9), "The Liver of a Rabbit" (7), "Heungbu and Nolbu" (7), "``The Green Frog" (6), "The Weaving Girl: Kyeonoo and Jikyeo" (63편), "Konggi and Potgi" (4). Of them, Heungbu and Nolbu and The Liber of a Rabbit are included in elementary Korean textbooks most frequently. The patterns found in the US publications for the past decade are the use of postmodern techniques such as intertextuality, multiple perspectives and multitude of voices through conscious alteration of traditional characters, no authoritative voice, and exploration of possibilities with no conclusion, 2) changes in values and virtues, and 3) the use of different genres such as graphic novels and plays. The increased variations of Korean folktales and crossing over the genre boundaries can expand the scope of Korean folktales in the global market but some critical questions should be posed-To what extent should the ownership of folktales be preserved? What standards should be applied in allowing for the right of performance of folktales?
Key Words
한국전래동화, 번역, 개작, 미국출판, 변형물, Korean Folktales, Translation, Adaption, US Publication, Variations,영미문학, 문화연구, 비교문학, 비평이론, English and American Literature, cultural studies, comparative literature, critical theory
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