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The Journal of English Language and Literature , Vol.61, No.2, 251 ~ 271, 2015
Spiritual Homosociality in 1 Tamburlaine: Free Thinkers` Challenge for the World
Hyun Dong Ko
This paper discusses Marlowe’s foregrounding and prefiguring of homosociality from the perspectives of kingship, homosocial bonding, and spiritual homosociality in 1 Tamburlaine. Marlowe’s Tamburlaine is highly successful in solidifying sovereign homosociality, reinforcing sovereignty, and obtaining legitimacy through his own spiritual homosociality. The conqueror’s mode of spiritual homosociality lies in his assertiveness, the apotheosis of the Scythian shepherd or his self-deification. Marlowe foreshadows diverse aspects of both secular-spiritual and personal-institutional homosocial bonds throughout the play. By tracing Tamburlaine’s spiritual and homosocial relations, then, this paper examines the ways in which Marlowe explores the inner self of a prince as a natural person, presenting the ruler’s cognition of human subjectivity. This paper also explores spiritual homosociality as a necessary quality for successful rulers in the interpersonal and institutional relations and the extent to which early political science overlaps with political theology and the supernatural.
Key Words
Marlowe, 1 Tamburlaine, sovereignty, homosociality, divine kingship,영미문학, 문화연구, 비교문학, 비평이론, English and American Literature, cultural studies, comparative literature, critical theory
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