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The Journal of English Language and Literature , Vol.63, No.4, 799 ~ 822, 2017
Toward the Social Practice of Literary Criticism: Projecting Text by Means of the Theory of Ideology
박수정 Soojeong Park
“Ideology” is generally defined as a coherent or loosely organized set of ideas which is the expression of the special interests of some class or social group. This paper concentrates on each ideology in Louis Althusser and Paul de Man as well as the ideology as “German ideology” named by Karl Marx. The connection of ideology with literary criticism can be established when the ideology built in text is analyzed by means of the theory of literary criticism. Given the fact, this paper aims to investigate the ideologies and present them as the motivators for the social practice of literary criticism. For this purpose, First of all, the ideologies are examined. Second, it is argued that the device, distanciation and theatricality between text and readers is that of revealing the ideology in the text, which does not stagnate at the state of the aesthetic effect, but goes forward to the motivator for the social practice. Third, this analysis method is illustrated through the poetical works of William Wordsworth, the Romantic poet. Finally I show the exemplary performance where reading ideology leads to social practice, and suggest the significance of uncovering the ideology in literary text.
Key Words
이데올로기, 거리두기, 극장성, 텍스트, 문학비평이론의 사회적 실천, ideology, distanciation, theatricality, text, social practice of literary criticism
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