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The Journal of English Language and Literature , Vol.65, No.4, 683 ~ 715, 2019
Homeric gods, Zeus & Moirae (Fate) vs. God
김한 Han Kim
The main concern of this paper is to compare the Greek gods in Greek mythology―including Zeus and Moirae―and God the Creator of the world in Bible. The Greek mythology begins with Homeros. Ilias, along with Odysseia, attributed to Homeros, has proved as a living influence to western literature and culture as the very origin of classical and mythological resources; and its written version, usually dated to B.C. 900. This paper examines the Homeric gods in Ilias, who are ‘‘the ever-present characters’’ in the epic. In the literary Trojan War of the Ilias, the Olympic gods, goddesses, and demigods fight and play great roles in human warfare. How can we identify these? Is the divine intervention is a discrete occurrence for its own sake, or are such godly behaviors mere human character metaphors? In order to overcome the deep pessimism about life in this world in which we find all is vanity, St. Paul offers the prescription for us: not to make full use of this world that is passing away but hold lightly to the things of this world(1 Corinthians 7.29-31), His faith and understanding of the world and its Creator enables to find the salvation from those disappointing aspects of life: he finds where sin abounded, grace abounded much more ; and he could confess his strength made perfect when he is weak. The paradoxical truth leads him to keep the dialectical distance from the world. And we find there is “no difference between the Jew and the Greek” for the same God over all is rich “unto all that call upon him,”(Romans 10, 12) ‘His calling’ is the Thing.
Key Words
그리스 신들, 호메로스, 창조주 하나님, 변증법적, 신의 부름, Greek gods, Homeros, God the Creator, dialectic, His calling
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