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The Journal of English Language and Literature , Vol.65, No.4, 715 ~ 736, 2019
George Bernard Shaw and the Eclipse of Darwinism: Creative Evolution and Darwinian Evolution
박지혜 Jihay Park
This paper focuses on the fin-de-siècle affair in the history of evolutionary thought, “eclipse of Darwinism”, and explores how New Drama participated in the scientific affair. Specifically, this paper examines George Bernard Shaw’s Creative Evolution within the biological debate on human evolution. The major purpose of this paper is to expand the critical discourse on Shaw’s Creative Evolution by exploring how Shaw’s Creative Evolution was in conversation with the fin-de-siècle biological debate on human evolution. The paper compares Shaw’s Creative Evolution with Charles R. Darwin’s evolutionary theory which was at the heart of the turn of the century neo-Darwinism / neo-Lamarckism debate. It focuses on Shaw’s criticism on Darwin’s two major theories, natural selection and sexual selection, and how it is reflected in his dramatization of Creative Evolution in Man and Superman. First, the paper explores Shaw’s criticism on Darwin’s natural selection within the scientific discourse. The paper approaches Creative Evolution as a Lamarcko-Butlerian inspired evolutionary theory and underscores how Shaw shared the anti-Darwinists’ view on the significance of human Will and direction of evolution. Second, the paper explores Shaw’s criticism on Darwin’s sexual selection which has been overshadowed by Shaw’s overt criticism of natural selection. The paper examines how Shaw argues the importance of the female in sexual selection and how humans must develop ‘a special brain’ in order to give sexual selection its widest field.
Key Words
조지 버나드 쇼, 창조적 진화론, 인간과 초인, 찰스 다윈, 다윈주의의 실추, George Bernard Shaw, Creative Evolution, Man and Superman, Charles Darwin, Eclipse of Darwinism
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